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AXA XL is committed to building a global workplace that works for everyone; one in which all employees are treated with dignity and respect and where individual differences are encouraged and valued. With over 9,000 colleagues across almost 30 countries, we know the power of a diverse workforce and inclusive culture in driving innovation and enabling us to meet all of our clients’ needs.

Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) is closely linked to AXA XL's values and culture, based on respect for employees, clients and brokers. A diverse workforce helps our company effectively understand and meet distinct market and client needs globally and locally. Importantly, it also drives innovation and, ultimately, improves our organization for our teams, our company and our clients.

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity for All

AXA XL is committed to equal opportunity in all aspects of employment. We protect and support the rights of all employees regardless of age, nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, marital status or disability, and oppose all forms of unfair or unlawful discrimination.

Our Approach to I&D

We have three areas of focus:

  • Drive an inclusive culture: Create a global workplace that works for everyone. One in which each colleague feels welcomed and supported, driven by a culture that values all individuals, backgrounds and ideas; a place where smart people achieve great things together.
  • Diversify our workforce: Harness the rich, diverse talent in our ever-globalized society to drive innovation and new ways of thinking. Position AXA XL as an employer of choice for all talent by increasing the number of women in leadership and focusing on minority populations by region.
  • Support our marketplace and communities: Support the communities where we live and work and thoughtfully champion equity around the globe.

What We’re Doing to Make Progress

We know that to achieve our I&D vision, we must take proactive steps to ensure our company — and our industry — is inclusive and welcoming to all. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s a business imperative. We believe that to be successful in a global, ever-evolving marketplace, we must seek out diversity and embrace different points of view to engage top talent, drive innovation and better serve our clients and the communities where we live and work.

To ensure AXA XL has the necessary infrastructure to deliver on our D&I strategy, we have a I&D Center of Excellence, a network of I&D Champions across the business and HR, and Country Leaders serving as D&I Ambassadors driving change on the ground in each country where we operate. Our objective is to involve leadership and gather support from key functions, leveraging talent and knowledge from across the organization to embed I&D in everything we do.

Our Programs

We encourage employees to manage a successful career and a fulfilling life outside of the office by offering flexible work arrangements, including telecommuting and flex time. We value results and aspire to provide a work environment where employees are trusted to do their jobs in the way they are most effective.

Family-Friendly Leave
At AXA XL, we value diverse types of families and provide generous leave policies, including maternity and paternity leave, to ensure employees have the time they need to spend with their families at important times.

Colleague Resource Groups and Inclusion Committees
Through our WoMen@AXAXL and Pride@AXAXL colleague resource groups around the world, employees assist one another in professional development, expand their networks and find stretch opportunities they might not get in their day-to-day roles and responsibilities. In addition, AXA XL’s Inclusion Committees focus on creating an environment and office culture where all employees feel welcome, valued, heard and supported and can perform to their highest potential.

We have a Diversity Recruiting Policy to ensure we consider the best and the brightest candidates instead of the most familiar. And we’ve developed guidelines to help hiring managers identify unconscious personal and cultural biases and understand how these can prejudice objectivity and cause well-qualified candidates to be excluded. We also have a Global Job Posting Policy to help ensure all employees are aware of — and have the opportunity to explore — job openings that are a match for their skills, competencies and career aspirations.

Gender Diversity
Like many other industries, the insurance industry has a long history of being male-dominated. But the emerging global talent pool is significantly more diverse. Women increasingly make up more than half of college and university graduates in more and more countries, and multicultural persons and minority groups now make up the majority of the talent market. We will continue to build the pipeline to advance more women into key business and senior leadership roles. We’re proud of our numerous internal initiatives, including our global WoMen@AXAXL Colleague Resource Group and our Women’s Executive Leadership Program, an advanced, intensive professional development program to help women prepare for leadership opportunities. By creating a culture of equality supported by strong workplace policies, programs and practices, women and men are able to excel.

Embedding I&D in Our DNA

Our goal is to embed I&D within our culture, to make it a part of the way we operate every day. To start, I&D is “led from the top” by our AXA XL Leadership Team — senior leaders from across our organization who provide strategic guidance and input to initiative owners and local leaders. Through our Inclusive Leadership program, we’re helping our leaders understand unconscious bias and giving them tools and support to create a more inclusive team environment that benefits every employee in the organization.

Supporting Broader Efforts

The challenges of  are too big for any one organization or industry to tackle alone. We believe finding and supporting the efforts of others can be an effective way to magnify our impact. For example, we support industry initiatives like the Dive In Festival, LINK, and IICF. And we signed on to the CEO Action for Inclusion & Diversity pledge. CEO Action is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. More than 150 CEOs of the world’s leading companies and business organizations have signed the pledge. We also signed on to the Women in Finance Charter, a pledge in the UK seeking to achieve gender balance across financial services. Learn more about Women in Finance here.

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Effective April 2017, the UK government passed legislation requiring companies to report on certain key statistics relating to gender pay. Employers with 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap. Read our reports for 2019, 2018 and 2017.

French Gender Score

Since 2019, according to French law, each company in France with 50 or more employees must publish their Gender Score every year.

This gender score reflects the practices the Company put in place to ensure Gender Equality.
For 2019, the XL Catlin Services SE France Gender Score attained 91%.

At AXA XL, Inclusion & Diversity will continue to be a business imperative. In a fast-changing, ever-shifting global marketplace, D&I are essential elements of our business strategy. It’s about helping one another — and our business — to move forward and succeed.

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